Why casino strategies do not work in online casinos

Why casino strategies do not work in online casinos

There are heaps of different casino strategies available, which many have been tried in practice. Some successfully and others with less success. The casino strategies that exist focus on gambling in physical casinos. So it does not mean that a strategy such as when gambling on roulette in a real casino also works without will work more in an online casino. That is not the case and that also applies in the case of playing blackjack.

In a real casino can for instance gained a lot of money to count cards in blackjack, but that is when playing online blackjack impossible. There are simple examples to be given why casino strategies do not work in an online casino, such as the use of the Martingale system in gambling on roulette


Why Martingale system is not working at online roulette

the Martingale system is based on doubling every bet if there is a game round no profit is earned. In this system, the bet is placed on simple bets, such as on an even or odd number, or red or black. In theory, the Martingale system obviously great because if everything goes according to the strategy, there is ultimately always a matter of profit. In the online casino, however, you walk quickly to a restriction if lucky you really are not lucky.

If you include after losing each other in a row, always bet on black money and the ball falls at roulette constantly on red, and you’ll get in trouble. Not because you example after playing seven times to have to bet suddenly 500 with a stake of 5 euro for a marginal profit, but more because it limits the deployment.

The limit at roulette the online casino can vary because you can play at tables with a maximum bet low or high maximum bet. However, every roulette table has a limit. The Martingale system is therefore a casino strategy working exclusively as at roulette amount of the maximum bet is not reached. But there can be no assurance, and that’s also a reason why casino strategies do not always work in an online casino

. Abnormalities in the roulette wheel

another casino strategy in the past successfully by multiple roulette players used in physical casinos to play roulette will not work in the online casino. There are several stories of players who have released a full study on the results of roulette and so tried to make money. A deviation in the roulette wheel in a casino physical causes some numbers fall more often. In Spain, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelyo has in the nineties that way over a million earned in a casino in Madrid. This man studied the results, where there was a slight deviation to the roulette wheel and applied as the betting numbers on.

The entrance to the casino, the man was denied after big winnings at roulette made with the presumption of fraud, but the Supreme Court ruled later that the player had not committed fraud. Nowadays more and check whether a roulette wheel shown deviations and ensure that the tables are level. It should be clear that this casino strategy gives no hope to its application in the online casino while playing roulette, because there is no question of a physical roulette wheel in the casino.

Casino strategies do not indicate at roulette in online casino

There is a very simple reason why casino strategies do not work in online casinos. If there were a system in which profit roulette always be guaranteed in an online casino, there were many people gigantic quickly become rich. In addition, the casino can get the game roulette in the offer should there be a casino strategy, where players win more than the casino keeps coming.

The casino strategies are always nice to get away to try, but try it than to do especially through free play. Repeat once again a number of times and you will see that you do not default shutdown at the end of the play session with profit if you like a casino strategy uses at roulette.

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