This 5-line slot games you really can win lots and lots of money

This 5-line slot games you really can win lots and lots of money

Are you sitting well with the nagging question: in what slots you can win a lot of money ? Say, with minimal effort just get that dream jackpot

?  Dead Or Alive Super Big Win

A bonus round of 3478 x my bet on Dead Or Alive

You’re in luck

Because we discuss some of our favorite slots where, with a little luck and some determination, a lot of money to win

These slots are all very volatile, which means that they pay relatively much lower prices and even do a huge payoff in a while And we’re not talking about a few bucks <.. / span>

These slots can all do potential payouts of at least 3.000x you bet

5 online slots where you can win a lot of money (even with low stakes!):

 Dead or alive NetEnt review Dead or Alive (NetEnt) We give it freely admit we have a complete love-hate relationship with the Dead or Alive slot . We hate this slot game because the basic game is boring, slow and non descript. And what is the bonus round little. But what can these bonus rounds, as they once have fallen pay incredibly good!

The trick is in the Sticky Wilds in the bonus consisting from free spins. Is there any role at least one Sticky Wild? Then you get another 5 extra free spins. A payout of 3.000x, 4.000x or 5.000x you bet occurs regularly. Do not believe us? It is true. It has already succeeded once we clear ourselves. For proof we refer to above.

A payment of 1251.68 on a bet of 36 cents. Converted: 3478 x our commitment. We were so blown away that we forgot to make a real screenshot, hence the somewhat clumsy pictures we have taken with our phone. But really he is. We think it is not surprising that these online slot from Netent all top casino lists is both popular slot as the slot machine with the highest payouts

. Play Dead or Alive at Leo Vegas!

 a lot of money to win with raging rhino slot

Raging Rhino (WMS) . When we talk about volatile slots, then tighten the Raging Rhino slot surely the crown. You can play for a long time without too many winning combinations, but those big whopper of a price fall, it usually is immediately good.

All of winning a lot of money you do at Raging Rhino especially in the bonus game (though it is certainly possible! in the base game).

In addition to the 4096 paylines and various stacked symbols, there may be on a roll 2 to 5 is also a further multipliers fall of 2x or 3x. And that can be enormous. You count me, please? That means maximum multiplier of up to 81x (3x3x3x3)

 Raging Rhino big payoff

In the above picture, we had the Leopards and the extra multipliers in the bonus payout of 240 pounds on a bet of £ 0.40 and it is not even the highest paying symbol.!

Raging Rhino will not be able to please everyone this it is too much to win the ultimate all-or-nothing cabinet But man oh man what you can do an awful lot of money with this thrilling title… WMS, which incidentally graphically also looks beautiful

Play Raging Rhino at Leo Vegas

 300 shields superbigwin 300 Shields (Microgaming)
. Once an online slot game played where you free spins with a multiplier of 300 x can earn the bonus? By 300 Shields slot that is exactly what can happen.

You understand that this slot machine, which based on the epic battle between 300 extremely tough Spartan soldiers and a giant much larger army of Xerxes, can give absurdly high payouts.

With a big dose of luck you can in the bonus round 5 free spins win a 300x multiplier. You need to not rocket science to know that it is extremely high. Think about it: if you play with a base stake of 1 euro, you have 5 spins of 300 euros basic bet. Even the smallest winning combination shows already a high payout and if you are lucky enough to run 5 or even 4 (high), the same symbols, then a monster payout the pleasant result.

And unlike Dead or Alive is the basic game 300 Shields certainly also exciting and there is plenty to do. A lot of money to win is therefore absolutely possible for this great tip from Microgaming

Game 300 Shields with guts!

& nbsp;

 Montezuma logo Montezuma (WMS) . One of the newer WMS slots and immediately one of their best. At first sight a fairly normal slot. One who admittedly looks beautiful, but not very different. Where is here the big money then? The answer lies in the bonus round

. Three scattered give magical Aztec symbols right on one spin of the wheel. Through this important first turn up to you to unlock the number (between 3 and 25 spins) where you start with. With each free spin you turn, another mini-turned wheel. This determines the multiplier (at least 2x, up to 10x).

And now comes the punch line: if at least two Aztec symbols fall during a free spin, then is again rotated for free spins and all free spins at the same multiplier. Observant readers may have already long by so that you can win 25 free spins with a 10x multiplier.

Is that it? Certainly not. You can namely infinitely retrigger during the free spins and thus win even more free spins at the same multiplier. And so it may happen that you have dozens, and sometimes even over a hundred extra free spins wins with a lofty multiplier

We saw this unique and rather brilliant concept before in other offline WMS slots come back like our big favorite Monopoly Jackpot Station. And now also online. Tension, Wilds, retriggers, high multipliers and a unique bonus Montezuma is a worthy member of five online slots that allows you a lot of money to win <. / span>

Play Montezuma at Casumo!

Great Blue Heel win big money

Great Blue (Playtech) . Even with this top slot from Playtech you can win a lot of money. When Great Blue slots is all about the orca, the ruler of the sea .

And just like in real life, everything is great at great Blue. Stacked Wilds and plenty of paylines in the base game and especially in the bonus round is Great Blue completely.

If you have three (or more) scattered oyster turns, you get to start 8 free spins and a 2x multiplier. Additionally, you can also open an additional two extra oysters where additional free spins and extra multipliers are in hiding. So you can up to 33 free spins and multipliers to earn 15x.

As if that were not enough, you can retrigger unlimited in the bonus (and this happens more often than you might expect!) and there are still many stacked Wilds in the game. In short: everything is there to win one or even several mega-payouts in a single bonus round.

Play Great Blue at Comeon!

Great Blue And we have a fitting conclusion to this top 5 slots where you can find a lot of money can win. We hope that this online slots once tries with the ultimate end result really win big money

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