The En Prison rule for a limited Home Advantage

The En Prison rule for a limited Home Advantage

There are several possibilities to ensure that the house edge at roulette is curtailed even further for. Using the so-called en prison rule is one of these opportunities. By means of this rule may in fact be built in a sort of insurance for the moment when the ball lands on the zero. Basically, this normally automatically means that you as a player have lost the round, but that is not the case if you have activated the en prison rule. In this situation you can as a player ie choose whether you cash out half your bet if you still let alone one more matchday the bet placed. If you choose this last option and the ball falls back on zero? Then you obviously irrevocably lost your bet.

Difference and prison and surrender control

The en prison rule is a policy that is only offered by definition while playing a game of French roulette. you play any French but European Roulette? In that case, the en prison rule commonly known as ‘surrender’. In principle governs exactly the same line, but it just has a different name. You should however keep in mind that both lines are only available in French and European roulette.


Do you choose for American roulette to play? Then you will unfortunately have to do without insurance. The lack of this tool at American roulette however, also has a not insignificant advantage. The absence of this benefit, the average payout for earnings compared with French and European roulette, after all, quite a bit higher.

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