Roulette Games at Royal Panda Casino

Roulette Games at Royal Panda Casino

Sometimes I you ever have those moments of luck, last Tuesday was one of them. I had half a day off because it was time for the annual checkup at the dentist. Since this was at was in the afternoon four hours and I already half past one was home I had time to play as online roulette .

Roulette Royal Panda casino

I played at Royal Panda casino at the European roulette, this variant of roulette you arrive at most casinos against in Europe. This game is the most advantage of us as a player, so the choice is made. I had 50 euros on account of me standing last time. I always leave some money standing account at me so I like to play again next time. With these 50 euros, I started playing with two euro tokens. So I can still play here was the idea. I have some songs that I always deck, which are 11, 23 and 26. There is no particular reason for it, but that gives me a good feeling.

After a few rounds to have lost, and the occasional round win wheel finally 23. I had started here five euros and was therefore 175 euros in one fell swoop. If I turn 23 once often falls into the 32, the song turned so. This, too, is based on nothing except feeling. However this was right, for the next round I picked up again 175 euros. So I earn 350 euros in minutes. I passed a few laps and I stopped at 300 euros. So I let pay 250 euros and 50 euros back to my account leave it for next time.

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