Roulette Bot Pro

Roulette Bot Pro

Roulette Bot Pro roulette Bot Pro software has the ability to shut down roulette with profit when you play roulette in a online casino .

it’s powerful automatic software to play on a roulette table. The system can be set up for various line casinos and you can tune the software fine based on the use by analyzing data and charts. There are many other features in the software, making it great for users

The software is built around ten different casino gaming platforms. There are four systems. Each system can be customized. Roulette Bot Pro has four different modes for efficient use:

  • Automatic mode for use without any help from the user
  • Semi-automatic mode where certain functions by. user should be performed.
  • Manual mode.
  • Test mode or the RNG mode for testing.

What Roulettebotpro more can ?

the software has the ability to adjust the amount of the bet for the automatic deployment, to suit different categories. The progression can be adjusted according to the desire of the user and is completely automated. The software supports 150 times spinning the roulette in a minute.
All this can be stored in a profile for easy use for next time.

The software also provides various methods for analyzing of history. With these features it becomes easy for the user to judge whether there are effective ways to achieve a certain profit.

The software comes with a license for up to two computers. This means that the software on two different computers to be used at the same time, so the profit will rise


The software can also be configured for automatically playing on a no-zero roulette tables. Furthermore, there is also a provision for it to play automatically via a live casino’s. The Sleepers system waits for the time defined by the user when there should be deployed. It makes use of the standard martingale progression standard, which can also be adjusted by the user. This system also uses the martingale progression that can be adjusted. Super Singles and complex math Proportional Chance system are also supported by the software

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