Review: Roulette Games at HC Zandvoort

Review: Roulette Games at HC Zandvoort

It was not exactly a summer to be happy. A spring which mostly looked like a delayed late winter, a summer in which the humidity was as high as a tropical paradise and for dessert a number of tropical days strategic fell just after the holidays. This means therefore that we have been much inside this summer and of course occasionally paid a visit to a casino.

Days Zandvoort with the family

During the tropical days last week, we dropped by the family off to Zandvoort. I myself have nothing on the beach, all that sand everywhere and the crowds. So after lunch I have a lot of fun so desired, the family and I went to entertainment themselves searching in the city. Of course I knew Zandvoort was and here I hit so quickly the first Holland Casino Netherlands.

No matter how busy it was outside on the promenade and on the beach the quieter here at the casino. It should here be not too busy as it is only a small casino. But to play roulette large enough natural. There were two roulette tables open that afternoon, but it was so quiet that I could even sit at the console . I am therefore going to quietly play for just 2.50 euros per token. I bought tokens for 100 euros, I could do it by day come, I thought. Except for two times to the toilet to be, I have the whole afternoon playing on the same roulette table. Until four o’clock, when I went to see the family. The result of that afternoon, a gain of 170 euros! Such a pretty fun day at the beach.

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